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Transport Canada Notes

Dear Canadian customers,

Even though the RideSafer travel vest has been in market for more than 17 years in the US, it is relatively new in Canada.  I can say that Canadians are excited that RideSafer is finally here, but at the same time, parents are also wanting to do their due diligence on its legal and safety approval use in Canada.  It is important to us that our Canadian customers are well informed before making a buying decision, so below is some information that may help in guiding your decision.

Below is an email explanation sent to one of our happy customers.  The email was written by Vera Fullaway, the Regulatory Compliance & Customer Services Manager from Safe Traffic System Inc.  She's also a certified "Child Passenger Safety Technician (CPST)" instructor. 


"Hi Stephanie,

In the U.S., we are certified as a “Harness” since our Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards have the definition and test methodologies as a specific category of child restraint. In Canada. CMVSS 213 does not have such a category but Transport Canada has permitted us to sell legally, and have Canadians legally use the product.  

The Ride Safer Travel Vests were not created to address any special healthcare needs. The vests were created for everyday use by all children.  However, until we can obtain a more specific testing guideline from TC, the only legal way to sell and use our vests is by classifying them under the Special Needs category which specifies that a doctor’s note is recommended that states this is an appropriate restraint for the child.  

Transport Canada, at one time, had an online form for the doctor to sign but it is no longer available. The best advice they have been able to give me is to ask customers to have the child’s physician simply state “The Ride Safer Travel Vest is an appropriate restraint for _________ (child’s name).”  

Vehicles for hire (such as taxi cabs, Uber, Lyft, etc.) are exempt from all provincial laws in Canada. You can safely use the Ride Safer Vests without a doctor’s note.  

Please feel free to print this letter, keep in your glove box, and keep my telephone number in case anything legal does come up. You can have the law enforcement officer call me directly and I will explain in further detail.

Vera  Fullaway
Regulatory Compliance & Customer Services Manager
(303) 378-2932 ; vera@SafeTrafficSystem.com"


Additional Information from Kontenl:  When you purchase your RideSafer Travel Vest in Canada, it comes with a note in English and French (Link), which mentions about having a doctor's note, before you panic, here's some info for you:

"The reason there is such a note is because Transport Canada requires the manufacturer to include that, as the RideSafer is currently sold in Canada under the provision of CMVSS213.3 (Custom harness restraint for people with disabilities).

RideSafer is tested and certified to the regular US FMVSS213 standard. The only reason why it is sold in Canada under CMVSS213.3 and not the more common CMVSS213 is because Canada’s standard is slightly different than the similar US standard where a “harness” style restraint is not addressed.

It is because of this subtle difference, the manufacturer had to add such a note when it is sold in Canada, but it is only as a formality because it is sold under the CMVSS213.3 provision."

I hope the above information is helpful to you.  Feel free to contact us if you have any more inquiries.  We'd be glad to help! 


the kontenl team :)